Enterprise Video

Enterprise Video

Need for Enterprise Video

Enterprise Video Today the use of video in organisations is becoming prevalent and we have already seen the extensive adoption of video conferencing in emergency situations like COVID-19. Today video accounts for 70% of all internet-based traffic, by 2022 that figure will rise to 82%.

Our Expertise

We provide solutions to all your enterprise grade video needs either on-premises or cloud based on the customers’ preferences.

Video Conferencing
Centred around the securely connected experience to collaborate better and faster.
Live Streaming & Video on Demand
enabling organisations to deliver company-wide messages with video, transforming internal communications and ensuring high employee engagement. The platform automatically determines bandwidth and delivers high quality video without slowing down the network.
Digital Signage
Creating an environment where people feel connected and in sync with the organisation’s culture displaying contents in a secured environment.
A highly reliable video management platform capable to deliver services ranging from an enterprise level to city wide infrastructure.

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