Network Solutions

Network Solutions

Need for Network Solutions

Networks have evolved from a pure Aloha technology to sophisticated Software Defined Networking to meet the new applications demands. Network managers are now parting ways from traditional network solutions and looking forward to welcome the analytical networks which not only provide the ability to analyse the multiple traffic patterns but also give them the confidence to make the right decisions for predictive applications load. At SiliconSt., we aim to give the trust to our customers by providing simple solutions to complex network scenarios.

Our Expertise

Data Centre Networking
Data Centre (DC) is seen as the heart of any Enterprise business applications. Enterprises are highly dependent on the availability of these DCs and even a slight downtime can cause huge losses. Outmoded DC network solutions are no longer capable to meet the demands of modern applications load which mainly rely on virtualization for East-West traffic, replacing spanning tree with the VXLAN (MAC-in-IP encapsulation). Our DC solutions are based on the best industry standards built on open standard protocols enabling multi-vendor interoperability.
Networking has never been as important as it will be to the Fourth Industrial Revolution. The future Enterprise networks will see huge transformation in terms of agile technological governance and continuous innovations. Keeping in view the upcoming Enterprise networks demands, our LAN/WAN networking is based on the following design principles:

- Best Practice - The design follows the key features of best practices for LAN/WAN, including vendor validated designs

- Redundancy - Key components on LAN/WAN are designed incorporating redundant solutions

- Reliable Convergence – The network will converge in a known reliable designed way and will re-route around faults in a predictable way

- Consistency – There is consistency across LAN/ WAN

- Simplicity – Features are only added where they add value to the solution and user experience
WAN Optimisation
Legacy applications are designed to run on a high-speed LAN environment and network users face performance issues while running them on WAN. The problem is widely known in the network industry and has been addressed through device specific WAN optimizers. The challenge here is the integration of WAN optimization with SD-WAN (Software Defined Wide Area Network) and we provide the expertise by linking the WAN links and applying the QoS giving 2-3 times higher performance jump for applications.
Software Defined Networking (SDN)
SDN is no longer a buzz word. Chief Information Officers are now able to see the benefits of SDN while it be a SD-WAN, SD-Access or a cloud based Network Virtualization Function (NVF). SDN is promised to provide simplified operations with auto provisioning and network programmability by de-coupling the control plane from the data plane. At SiliconSt, we pave the way for technology roadmaps and take our customers to swift adoption of SDN and migration journey.
A key technology trend is the demand of users to have an access to network anywhere and everywhere. At the bottom of this is the need to be able to provide reliable, ubiquitous wireless access for customers, guests and employees. While providing access anywhere, mobility comes with its own challenges. The network managers are especially concerned with the security issues of contractors or third-party devices which are not compliant with the organizations’ security policies and usually pose a threat. Our mobility solution offers secured Wi-Fi service to the enterprises with the following embedded features:

- Monitoring Dashboard provides a single intelligent view from where to monitor, analyse and configure wireless network infrastructure in an automated and policy compliant environment

- Identify and report on RF contentions for specified site or area

- Identify and report on Wi-Fi client performance for all deployed WLANs

- Identify and report on rogue interferes and devices

- Deliver historical reporting on key WLAN metrics including client use, channel utilization and authentication service monitoring

- Intrusion Detection and Prevention, reporting on potential rogue elements in wireless networking environment

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