Network Security

Network Security

Need for Network Security

At its core, network security is all about the protection of crucial IT assets from adversaries. A network can never be an isolated and a closed system. Organisations heavily rely on internet, allowing their external partners and contractors to access their web applications. We at SiliconSt., offer our customers a layered network security architecture, using industry’s best practices and ensuring controls on each layer.

Our Expertise

Secured Gateway Systems
Network segmentation is a security control usually deployed in data centres to prevent unauthorised access to critical business applications. Secured gateways allow authorized user access to business applications while passing through the nested security layers comprising of multiple Firewalls (FW), Intrusion Prevention Systems (IPS), Virtual Private Networks (VPN) and various monitoring controls. Having Secured Gateway built and managed by our experts, we provide the benefits of flexible security to public & private cloud, the internet and remote sites with reduced total cost of ownership and complexity.
Security Monitoring
Detecting and investigating a security incident requires an intelligent monitoring and visibility solution. To cater to millions of log messages and audit them manually is not practically viable. Security Information and Event Management (SIEM) is now an industry standard for real time analysis of security alerts generated by applications, servers and networks. Our SIEM solution is based on Machine Learning (ML) algorithm, a subset of artificial intelligence, having ability to sort mountains of data for finding useful patterns in it, in a fraction of time taken by humans which can be hundreds of hours.

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