Content Security

Content Security

Need for Content Security

It is not uncommon to see confidential data being stolen or altered by hackers or an insider employee and later used for fraud, identity theft and other heinous crimes. The impact of data breaches is usually widespread and expensive if not dealt timely. So, the question is how do we protect our data being breached or altered? The answer lies upon many factors, ranging from existing organizational security policies and its effectiveness, preventive measures and ‘know your enemy’ concept.

Our Expertise

Data Loss Prevention (DLP)
Our DLP solutions provide a sense of trust and confidence to the Chief Information Security Officers (CISOs) so that sensitive information remains in the corporate boundary as per their security policy. We work with our customers to formalize the DLP strategy encompassing:
- Identification of confidential data
- Monitor/Scan networks and end points
- Protection of data breaches
- Alerting and investigation
Email & Web Security
Business Email Compromise (BEC) attacks are on rise, causing huge financial and reputation losses. Scammers use sophisticated techniques to impersonate as real representatives seeking approvals for financial transactions or otherwise. At SiliconSt, our security solutions revolve around the troika i.e. people, technology and processes, ensuring that we have picked and filled the holes end to end with appropriate security controls. We help corporates in securing their employees’ inbound emails from malware, ransomware, phishing and spoofing attacks. Our web security solutions prevent employees to access malicious or inappropriate web content with flexible deployment options.

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