Network Admission Control

Network Admission Control

Need for Network Admission Control

Network admission control (NAC) is all the security controls we implement, as soon as an end device tries to connect to the network, whether it be wired or wireless. An isolated system, may not be a big threat until it connects to other hosts via network. We treat network as first line of defence or a border control force to ensure that suspicious hosts are quarantined and investigated as per the security policies before allowing them the authorized access. The most valuable feature of our NAC solution is the flexibility of supporting multiple vendors.

Our Expertise

End Point Security
For almost each security adversary vector, the target is an endpoint, be it a server host or a client machine. Computer hackers customarily try to inject malware, ransomware or a botnet for various malicious reasons, it could be political or financial. Our approach to endpoint security is proactive learning using Endpoint Detection and Response (EDR) while delivering comprehensive and proven protection for end hosts using behavioural techniques for known and unknown malware identification.
Mobile Security
Organizations are increasingly relying on mobility solutions for upsurge productivity. Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) while providing ease of access for sensitive information, raises challenges to security managers as they bring more threats to enterprise networks. Organizations are now looking for unified endpoint protection mechanism to manage their employees’ mobile devices and to ensure no protected data is stolen while employees are accessing their official emails or business applications. SiliconSt aims to help organizations build the capability of unified endpoint security using zero trust model.

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